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Model 150A Injection Machine Video

This is our Kickstarter video that explains the many great features of the Model 150A.   The video will also give you a idea of how the machine works and demonstrates how easy it is to use.

Many customers are already using the Model 150A to produce plastic products for sale.   But we often get inquiries about how fast this machine can produce parts in a production environment.   This video demonstrates that with the proper setup, you can produce up to 3 parts per minute.   That works out to an impressive 180 parts per hour!

Using a mini-grant, Robert Kelley Bradley, Ph.D. has set up an innovative educational program for his school.   The program is designed to cover topics in manufacturing, physics, chemistry, art, drafting/CAD and business.  

Noa Batle has a very cool, successfully funded Kickstarter project called Domestic Soldiers.   He is using the LNS Technologies - Model 150A plastic injection molding machine to produce his unique plastic toy soldiers.   His brother Nilo has made an awesome video & you can check it out above.   Congratulations to Noa on his successful project!